About Us

Realm Home Furnishings has established a unique niche in the world of wholesale furniture, home décor and accessories. We offer high quality, affordable new furniture and accessories to retail furniture and consignment stores across the United States. Our greatest asset is that in our almost 20 years of experience, we have developed a comprehensive knowledge of what items are desirable and will sell. There’s no magic formula, since each furniture store is unique. We take the time to get to know our clients and their demographics. We know how valuable each square foot of a retail space is and want to make sure that the items we ship will sell quickly. It’s a skill that we have developed and are honored to bring to our clients to support them in having profitable, satisfying relationships with us and with their clients.

Cheryl Orlov
Founder, Owner

Cheryl Orlov is a classic entrepreneur: self-motivated, optimistic, and persistent. Ever since she finished college, Cheryl has been a small business owner. It began with importing pottery, ceramic sculptures and decorative accessories from Mexico. She distributed her products in gift shops, furniture stores, worked with builders to stage model homes, and participated in large tradeshows. She finally found her niche in the wholesale industry providing home furnishings to retail furniture and consignment stores.

Cheryl creates lasting, profitable relationships with her clients. She helps their businesses grow by understanding their needs, their market and their clients. Cheryl’s perseverance enables her to go above and beyond for her clients. When her clients need something in a pinch 9 times out of 10 she will deliver.

Cheryl not only has business savvy, but she has an eye for design. She has been an interior designer for almost 20 years. Her background allows her to select designer quality furniture and accessories at affordable prices for her clients.

Cheryl has a passion for furniture and design. She is always seeking out new lines of furniture. She even dabbles in restoring vintage pieces as well. She wants to make sure that each store looks fresh and up to date.